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Bringing dignity to distressed properties and offering affordable, high-quality housing

Buying properties as-is in joplin mo & revitalizing them

Blue Haven Homes is dedicated to making renting a home in Southwest Missouri affordable by buying homes in as condition for cash. Our mission is to revitalize distressed properties to make renting a quality home at an amazing value possible.

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How We Work?

We are not just investors. We live in the Joplin area and want to see it grow, attract new businesses and make a difference in the area. We want to become experts in revitalizing communities. Blue Haven Homes goal is to renovate distressed properties in Joplin. Buying homes in Joplin Mo in as is condition in the area is the way to do it.

Looking for a Joplin MO Move?

Are you ready to rent a property in Joplin, MO, but don’t know where to start? Blue Haven Homes can help you locate your perfect home. We are able to persue our mission by always being in the lookout of for sale properties, since we buy houses for cash in Joplin, MO. We are always renovating and preparing new units to be move-in ready. And we do this for you. 

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