Commercial & Multi-Family Projects

The Blue Haven Home Mission:

Blue Haven Homes wants to bring you the joy of living in a lovingly restored rental home or apartment without it breaking your budget. If you are looking to move to or live in a new area of Joplin, Missouri, consider Blue Haven Homes your direct source for a beautiful new rental property. No need to work with a realtor or property management company.

Blue Haven Homes is community-focused and it’s mission is to renovate and revitalize distressed residential and commercial properties to make people’s dreams of renting a house or apartment in Joplin a reality. Unlike others who buy properties to flip them, Blue Haven Homes more than improves each residential home or commercial building.  The company holds each property in its ever expanding listings. When you rent from Blue Haven Homes, you work only with Blue Haven Homes for as long as you live in your new place.

Blue Haven Homes is a family-owned real estate investment firm run by brothers Sawyer and Sullivan Smith who reside in Joplin themselves. They know and love the area, and want to help it grow into an increasingly beautiful community. That’s the reason they purchase homes no longer wanted by their owners and historic commercial buildings that deserve a new life. Blue Haven Homes has built a seasoned team of renovation specialists and have a wide range of resources to successfully complete projects aimed at creating a positive experience for residents. With communities experiencing a historic lack of affordable housing, Blue Haven Homes’ budget-conscious approach makes them an excellent partner in the affordable housing sector.

Blue Haven Homes is part of the Joplin, Missouri community.  Sawyer and Sullivan are not simply real estate investors. They want to revitalize neighborhoods, attract new businesses to the area, and make a difference in people’s lives by offering affordable rental homes. They are experts in taking run-down or no longer wanted properties and renovating them as a way of drawing more people to Joplin.

The Joplin Family YMCA

Blue Haven Homes, a family real estate investment firm, has purchased the historic downtown Joplin Family Y building and plans a $5 million conversion of it to apartments. The real estate investment company wants to make renting an apartment in Joplin’s downtown an affordable possibility. The current timeline is to complete the renovation project in 2023.

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Olivia Apartments

Blue Haven Homes has purchased one of Joplin’s most historic buildings, the Olivia Apartments, located at 320 S. Moffet.

Brothers Sawyer and Sullivan Smith have a $6.5 million renovation plan for the Olivia, which suffered fire damage, that will create 38 market-rate apartments and possibly a restaurant on the top floor.

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