Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past 25 years, you probably have seen at least one sign offering cash for houses in Joplin, Mo. Around any corner, you will find the “WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASH” signs. Today, they are sometimes alluded to as opportunity investors, but with good cause. 

These companies buy properties from sellers who want to sell stressless and quickly. They may offer to close the property with lightning speed since they don’t need financing. They offer immediate cash for buying AS-IS houses. 

Fast and Easy

If you decide to contact, the buyer will most likely make an appointment with you to come to your home. They will ask you for more information about your property, its physical and financial condition. Remember, you have to be honest to get better options. 

You won’t have to worry about the approval of the buyer loan application. If your place requires extensive repairs, it’s ok; they will buy the property AS-IS

Is Working With These Companies Worthwhile?

These offers regularly seem like lifesavers to owners looking to escape their homes (mostly in bad conditions) and home loans as fast as possible. 

You will receive cash for your house without having you involved in the process. And, just as with any real estate process, there are legal activities involved. 

As for the scam part, that depends entirely on who is doing the buying, and in most cases, they’re not a scam. A scam means that something illegal is happening. Honestly, being a real estate investor, home buyer, or flipper isn’t illegal.

Contact The Experts 

Blue Haven Homes Active is a family-owned real estate investment firm based in Joplin, Mo. They know and love the area, and their mission is to help grow the beautiful community

That’s the reason they purchase homes no longer wanted by their owners. If you want to sell your property, consider Blue Haven Homes Active, your direct source. We are not only investors; we will not only give you cash for your house; we will collaborate to revitalize the Joplin community.


Blue Haven Homes Active is a family-owned real estate investment firm based in Joplin, Mo.