Selling a house is not an easy task. Homeowners look for ways to sell the house fast, but the biggest problem is selling and buying the house. Homeowners can sell their houses by hiring agents, home buying companies, or they can sell the house themselves.

If you are looking to sell your house in Joplin, MO, you need reliable buyers. Agents, home buying companies, or the homeowners themselves can sell the house. In the following, we will explain how these three ways can sell a house.


For some homeowners, it can be an emotional process. Agents will take care of the whole process by making smart decisions. An agent can also help you out by giving a positive spin on any negative feedback.

Agents have a large network, meaning they have a list of people interested in buying a house. Agents bring a large pool of potential buyers. This means that there will be demand for your property, and it will take less time to buy your house.

There are also cons to hiring an agent. An agent is expensive, and it may take longer to get the attention it requires. In addition, you might not be the only client your agent has to attend to. A fully focused agent is needed when selling a house.

Home Buying Companies

Home buying companies can help sell your house faster. All you have to do is contact a home buyer and they will take care of the sale. The process is very simple and straightforward. Home buying companies will also buy the house in as-is condition. There is no need for repairs or upgrades.

Another advantage is that home buying companies will pay using cash. Once you contact or submit an application, the company will make a transaction faster.


Homeowners have the option of selling their own homes. One advantage a homeowner has is that the commission fees are lower, which means that you will be responsible for the buyers’ agent commission when you sell your home.

Another advantage is that the owner has more control over the sale. Meaning that you control the price, improvements, whom you can show your home to, and whom you sell it to. It also means that the owner is responsible for handling every transaction.

A disadvantage for homeowners is that they don’t have a pricing strategy. Pricing is never straightforward, and without an agent to help out, there is no precise way to set a price. Also, the owner may have a biased opinion meaning you are not sure what to suggest or improve. 

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